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Does opportunity strike once?

You have just woken up in your small rental house. You have stepped out of your bed, or rather your mattress since it’s lying on the floor. Yes, you have no bed. You drag your sleepy and lazy body to the stove. You make a fire and prepare tea. In this case, the only tea or coffee you are used to is a steamy mixture of water, Nescafé, and a tiny spoon full of sugar.

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Beauties and the Beast

This being a day where I feel psyched up I need to share a tip to all the ladies reading this blog post. If you are a guy I know you have experienced whatever I am to share so if you have several female friends, which you do, refer them to this blog post. Ladies, do me the favour of sharing this with your friends. Please. It’s very important. Ni wakati wa kuchanuana.

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Please Don’t Part 1

The music in the car was relaxing. My younger brother and I were seated in the back seat of our car. He was on the left side by the window. I hated sitting on the right side but I had no choice since he would cry if I tried to force him out of that seat. Mum was seated next to dad who was in the driver’s seat. Mum and dad were talking and laughing at their jokes but I was too busy with my Call of Duty Mobile game to know what they were laughing about. Ben, my five-year-old brother was sound asleep.

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Give back my blood or else!

This is truly a mosquito’s slaughterhouse. Blood, blood, and more blood. Unfortunately, it’s the butcher’s own blood. Hunter turned hunted.
ZZZ the mosquitoes buzz at the break of dusk.

“Let’s attack him,” they urge each other. “Wait, he is still not asleep,” the younger skinny one complains. “He is never fully asleep. You will starve if you wait for him too,” the father warns.

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